miércoles, enero 20, 2010

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KenFan4life (7 months ago)
gotta be honest, I was expecting a terminator, but I guess it's still cool seein' these robots and stuff....wonder how long til people create one of these things that can give handjobs

domingo, noviembre 22, 2009

alien contra deprimidor.

( que sarra men. : ( )

martes, octubre 06, 2009

BlueBarrier782 (5 minutes ago)
Anybody have any idea what amp settings he uses?
alex6678 (30 minutes ago)
Kirks great but he wasen't influental at all. hes just extremely technical and all his solos are in the same key. Buckethead can do anything from Pure balls out shred to Mozart classical. To me that is a true great Guitar player. And Kirk doesen't have much feeling in his solos. This solo is an emotional orgasm.

martes, septiembre 29, 2009

domingo, septiembre 20, 2009

martes, septiembre 08, 2009

lunes, julio 27, 2009

domingo, junio 14, 2009

una vez mas escribo sobre ti.